ProbeFormTM & ProbeVerticalTM – Product Announcement

[Download Product Announcement as PDF]

International Test Solutions, a leading global supplier of high quality engineered cleaning materials for the semiconductor industry is releasing two new materials to complement our current product line. Since 1999, International Test Solutions has been designing and manufacturing cleaning materials for advanced probe cards, test sockets, and equipment chucks for wafer sort/probe, final test/burn in, and semiconductor fabrication operations. These cleaning materials enable device manufacturers and foundries to maximize uptime and throughput for substantial test cost savings. ProbeVertical and ProbeForm are designed to clean and maintain the shape of vertical fine pointed probe tips.

ProbeVertical is designed to remove embedded and bonded debris from vertical probe tips and collect any loose debris generated during probing. The abrasive material in the polymer will remove the accumulation of embedded or bonded debris. ProbeVertical is designed to maintain the pointed or cone shape of vertical probe tips during the cleaning process. [Download ProbeVerticalTM Technical Bulletin]

ProbeForm is formulated to change the shape of the probe tips. The forming process is designed to reduce the size of the probes when they are inserted into the material over a series of several touchdowns. The rate of the reshaping depends on the initial diameter of the probe, the probe needle material (i.e., tungsten, tungsten-rhenium, beryllium-copper will be reshaped at different rates) and the amount of reshaping required to achieve the final tip shape. The forming of the probe tip is typically performed off line. After the forming process is complete, ProbeVertical should be used on line to maintain the probe tip shape and keep the probe tips clean. [Download ProbeFormTM Technical Bulletin]

ProbeVertical and ProbeForm are available immediately and precision laser cut to any size for fast installation on all major prober manufacturer’s cleaning block, WAPPs or available on Semi Standard 200 and 300mm wafers.

For more information contact International Test Solutions at +1 775-284-9220, or via email at, to discuss your specific probe card cleaning application and requirements.